Hockey making inroads into soccer-based Markham Valley

Normal, Sports

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

THE people of Markham Valley are known for their skills in soccer but recently the youth from Gabensis village in Wampar LLG, Huon Gulf district of Morobe, decided take up another sport hockey, which is making inroads in the area.
The youth, comprising 41 young men and 39 women, organised themselves and approached the Lae City Hockey Association for help.
The association executive endorsed their request and assigned a technical officer Michael Hebei to assist the youth.
The youth set up an association called the Gabensis Rural Hockey Association and elected their executives to administer the competition.
The communities in the area, especially school children are excited about hockey introduced in their village.
The Wampar LLG councillor Francis Paul, and Wampar sports Coordinator have been also supportive of the newly established association.
Former star Sae Dowara is also lending his services to promote the sport to interested players in Angoram, East Sepik.
Lae hockey president Martin Raurela said yesterday the association was eager to promote the code and was encouraging more people to participate.
 “The PNG Hockey Federation is also helping outreach programmes. However, the players do not have much in a way of hockey equipment,” he said.
“Currently the players carved their own hockey sticks from hard wood to use for training and any assistance or donations of hockey equipment such as sticks would be a morale booster for this group of enthusiasts.”