Hohola police without vehicle

Normal, Papua

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

HOHOLA police station in the NCD cannot attend to complaints because it has  been without a vehicle for more than seven weeks.
Police work at the station had been affected after their only vehicle broke down late last year.
A spokesman said regular police duties like attending to public complaints and sector patrol and evening and night shift had been affected.
He claimed to speak on behalf of all police personnel at the station.
The source said policemen and women at the station had been struggling to do their job diligently.
“We do not even have a single vehicle to do our work although the tax payers need protection,” the source said.
He said all complaints were registered in the daily occurrence book and the complainants were normally advised to seek assistance from other police stations.
He said the lack of transport had made their services in Tokorara, Hohola, Manu and towards Taurama beach hard. 
He said the crime rate in the suburb had increased and they seemed overwhelmed by the situation.
The source added that something was needed to be done immediately by the authorities to address the situation.
He also said that the station was also in need of renovation because of  leaking water pipes, deteriorated toilet facilities and office facilities.
He called on the police hierarchy to do something as soon as possible to make the work of the police personnel at the station a bit easier.