Hohola’s filthy toilet must go


THE public toilet situated in front of the RH super market, shops and bus stop in Hohola 2, Port Moresby, should be demolished.
I do not see why NCDC is still keeping that very old and filthy looking toilet.
Why hold on to such a rundown facility when there is no proper produce market in that vicinity? The mentioned public toilet is an eyesore.
The toilet and water are being misused everyday by the illegal settlers living around the Hohola hills.
We, the legal Hohola residents, are already struggling to pay water bills to Eda Ranu, yet our brothers and sisters who are squatting illegally there are enjoying free water and toilet at this public toilet facility. Every working day and weekend when I pass through Hohola I can see people bathing, washing clothes, fetching water and using the toilet.
Is Eda Ranu aware of this?
NCDC should demolish that old and filthy toilet and clean up that area for parking.
The drain has been clogged with plastics and rubbish for many years and that, too, needs the attention of NCDC.
Come on Eda Ranu and NCDC, do the right thing and make Hohola 2 a cleaner and a better environment to live in.

Kapsy , Old timer, Hohola 2