Hold election for Mendi LLG sooner than later

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014

 THE Electoral Commissioner of PNG Andrew Traven has declared early that the Mendi urban LLG was a failed election and the lord mayor’s seat would  go  back to the poll. 

A local leader has asked if the electoral commissioner can make it clear to the people of PNG, SHP and  the  people  of  Mendi  if there is a vacancy for the lord mayor’s seat. 

Mendi town is full of rubbish, and bushes have grown wild and need urgent attention from the Mendi town authority or the  SHPG  to  step  in  and fix our town when we do not have a lord mayor in place who can run the affairs of the town.

The SHP governor has also turned a blind eye to the town. 

The Mome Oval grand stand  was  stripped in broad daylight by hooligans   and  part  of  it taken  by the town manager Steven Temo.

Recently, two public servants died and their funerals were held at the Mome Oval without proper grandstand, making it silly  for the Works Minister Francis Awesa and the SHP acting administrator, Ungia Kembo.

The electoral commissioner  needs  to  make funds available so that we can have a fresh election for the Mendi town lord mayor’s seat as basic services for the town is needed.


Binowi Ame