Hold on to hope, never lose it


STRUGGLES and hardships are inevitable in life.
Whether we want them or not, they are always there.
History has proven that no man can achieve greatness without struggles and hardships.
Look at Nelson Mandela.
If it were not for the 27 years he spent in prison, he would have been the first black president of South Africa.
India’s Mahatma Gandhi shares a similar story.
They went through tough times and circumstances that were unimaginable.
One thing that kept them going was hope.
They were helpless, weak and vulnerable, but they were not hopeless.
Hope has a kind of spark that gives our heart a warmth and encourages us to never give up.
Hope acts as a helping hand that pushes us to keep fighting and keep believing that one day, our worries will go away and we will be alright.
It can make us see through dark moments.
Hope can make us rise up again when all has failed.
It can bring someone perfect when everyone has left.
Hope can give us the best job that suits our qualifications.
It can give us a second chance in life.
Never lose hope.
Hope can make miracles happen.

Manu Wally,