Hollywood TV-writer in Pom

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday, May 23, 2011

HOLLYWOOD-based wri­ter and co-executive producer of the award-winning ABC television hit series, Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Zoanne Clack is in Port Moresby to show her support for the UN’s millennium development goals radio campaign.
Clack, who is the medical supervisor for another hit series, ER, is an inspiration to women everywhere for her own rise to success.
She has been here for a week to work with the UN and the Population Media Centre on radio drama series being aired by FM100.
For three days last week, Clack met with and used her extensive experience as a Hollywood scriptwriter and doctor in emergency medicine to train PNG writers, producers and actors working on two radio drama series.
The radio plays, Nau Em Taim and Echoes of Change, air every Tuesday and Thursday night during FM100’s family show.
At a lively discussion held at the UNDP office last Friday with UN country resident coordinator David MacLachlan-Karr and Population Media Centre country coordinator Betty Oala, Clack stressed how exciting it was working with the centre crew on the series.
Coming straight from Hollywood, Clack had no idea about PNG culture, saying she was learning and would like to learn more about the country before leaving today.
MacLachlan-Karr said Clack’s personal rise to success as an African-American woman in Hollywood was a true inspiration to women in PNG where domestic violence was high.
He said Clack’s life showed that women could make better lives for themselves and their communities.
Oala said Clack had brought a wealth of experience in training writers on how to create entertaining and gripping storylines like Grey’s Anatomy.