Homebrew creates problems: MP


SUMKAR MP Chris Yer Nangoi says the production of homebrew and its consumption are creating social problems around the country.
He said young people in urban and rural areas caused trouble when under the influence of homebrew.
“The brewing and consumption are getting out of hand.
“We see young men and women getting drunk, disturbing the peace and causing problems even in the villages,” Nangoi said. “I am tired of reports of fighting, killing, harassment, marital problems and other social issues as a result of young men and women drinking homebrew.”
Nangoi visited Karkar Island last week with a Port Moresby-based policeman who managed to round up people involved in the activities.
They surrendered the brewing equipment and pledged to work with Nangoi develop the island and the district.
A raid at Kubam, Burag, Kurubek and Nangoi’s village of Yukyuk saw seven gas cylinders used in brewing surrendered to police.
“I have engaged police to clean up the island and the district of this illegal activity, starting from my own area,” Nangoi said.