Honesty is the best policy


Have our MPs not learnt yet that honesty is the best policy?
They are bound to get caught out more often than not, when they aren’t able to fulfil their promises to the people.
Take Puka Temu, for example.
I refuse to call him ‘Sir’ Puka Temu because I don’t think he fulfils the honour.
He told us in The National that medicines were here in October last year, and distribution would take a few days.
In anticipation, I waited at a health centre for treatment.
Christmas came and went.
I was told each week at the centre that delivery was being waited upon.
I was shocked to read in The National in mid-Jan that quoted Temu saying the medicines had just arrived.
This is the calibre of MPs we have in this country.
It is not the first I have experienced this from our health minister.
Wouldn’t it be easier to tell the people like how it is, than fabricating a story and then feeling humiliated about it (if he has any consciousness)?
Some of us have short memories but a lot of us are conscious of what our leaders are saying and doing.

Raghu Roland
Port Moresby

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