Honesty vital in appointments: Former chairman


THERE must be checks and balances in the appointment process of public officials, says former chairman of the Public Services Commission (PSC) Rigo Lua.
“There has to be a very strong emphasis, especially to do with checks and balances which must always be seen in the system,” Lua said.
“Because when you concentrate a lot of power on a person, there is a tendency on the part of that organisation to abuse it.
“So checks and balances must always be there.
“And the PSC plays that role in terms of that appointment process, making sure that the processes are not violated, making sure that the person going to be appointed has merits.”
Lua emphasised this during a farewell ceremony for two commission officials last Friday.
He said political leaders tended to abuse the process when were given powers.
“We all know that when politicians have that power, they just pick up someone they know from the street and put him up there,” he said.
Lua said the country “almost went to the dogs” when key positions were occupied by friends of political leaders.


  • PSC is commended for maintaining intergrity in appointment of Heads of Departments with merit.
    Political appointments must be avoided at all costs if Government is serious about weeding out coruption.
    When monkeys are appointed through corruption, you get peanuts.

  • We still have a lot of monkeys in the public service that really needs a big clean up. Politically appointed and without any merits whatsoever, who are paid so much for doing little to nothing.

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