Honey course making money for farmers

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A BULOLO honeybee farmer has produced sweet results since attending the first training session more than five months ago.
He has produced four loads of 18kg of honey to earn K150.
The Eastern Highlands provincial department of Agriculture and Livestock honey bee trainers led by Tella Loie were surprised how fast the farmers had produced quality honey.
Mr Loie and Jona Buka could not believe after the follow up visit to see the knowledge and skills imparted to the locals had quickly borne results.
“The season is due this month and we could not wait to report to our superiors in Goroka and Port Moresby about the results of the honey bee extension project into Bulolo,” Mr Loie said.
Bulolo district administration is also happy for the farmers.
MP Sam Basil said the funds spent had now paid off and would pave the way for more women to take up honey bee farming.
At the second Bulolo district honey bee training held at Buang LLG chamber, 20 bee keepers graduated after a week’s training each with a complete set of beehives, utensils and tools.
“There are now 50 bee keepers in Buang and the number is set to increase next year when training extends to Mumeng, Watut, Wau Rural and Waria areas.
“Bulolo district will become the leading honey bee producers in the province,” Mr Basil said.
The EHP honeybee team will showcase the potential of the honey bee farming, production with live harvesting and packaging at the Bulolo district show in November.
The farmers will use the previous and the current bee-keeper’s slots as the season is in full swing this month.