Honiara sex scandals sickening

Letters, Normal

IT is sickening to read in The National about our so-called diplomats’ behaviour in Honiara recently.
This shows how stupid and sick our diplomats are.
They are supposed to be promoting and upholding the sovereignty of the Papua New Guinea.
They are our country’s representatives in business, politics and maintaining international relations.
They are fully aware of their roles as ambassadors, not rapists and drunkards.
They have grossly abused their power.
How can we call them diplomats when they are anything but diplomatic?
Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Abal and the Government must recall these clowns for they have betrayed the trust and confidence of the people of PNG.
They went on drinking sprees, misusing and crashing State vehicles, raping women and girls, harassing their wives and other men’s wives.


Johnny Yapo Paraeels
Manila, Philippines