Honour teachers

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IT IS important to pay tribute to the families of many of the pioneers and committed teachers who have lost their lives while educating the young leaders and workforce, Teaching Service Commission regional adviser Joseph Ouyoumb said,
Speaking during the International Teachers Day celebration at the Madang Teachers College on Monday, Mr Ouyoumb said they must not forget many dedicated and hardworking teachers who had tirelessly rendered their service to the people of this nation.
He also paid tribute to the families of those who had lost their lives in light of their duties “as we recognise them as our unsung heroes in bringing PNG to what we now enjoy”.
“There are also other service agents that have brought education to the many rural communities throughout the countries like churches, which should also be thanked during this special occasion,” Mr Ouyoumb said.
He said their continual support and assistance to the education system were appreciated and commended.
Mr Ouyoumb said the Government alone could not move the education system forward but other development partners’ invaluable assistance to achieve the medium term development strategy was greatly acknowledged.
He also said that teachers should be acknowledged for investing in human resource development despite being overworked and underpaid.
Mr Ouyoumb said teachers played a significant role in the overall development and teachers were the only public servants one could find in remote PNG villages.
“I think the teachers should be recognised by having the International Teachers’ Day declared a public holiday,” he said.