Hope despite challenges in Kimbe


WEST New Britain Governor Sansindran Muthuvel and sports vice minister Wesley Raminai revealed yesterday that the 7th BSP PNG Games was facing difficulties.
But despite these challenges, the Games would be completed as scheduled, the leaders told the media yesterday in Kimbe.
“This is the first day of the PNG Games and we are still waiting for some technical officials to arrive,” Muthuvel said.
“I cannot say that everything is perfect and we have some difficulties in terms of accommodation, especially with water and we are addressing it.
“We have difficulties with the town water supply too and we do water rationing and this is an ongoing issue we have been facing.
“Overall we are ready to conduct the games, as soon as the technical officials are in place so it’s just the beginning and we are bound to experience all these issues.
“Overall the facilities are in place to have the games and we will consider the weather as well because it looks like the rainy season is now here.
“But we are more than happy that most things are in order and some officials are available to conduct the games,” Muthuvel said.
Raminai spoke of the setbacks as issues that could be rectified.