Hopes set on Pangu


CULMINATING to recent political manoeuvre, Pangu Pati’s coalition government is a divine intervention.
The Covid-19 is challenging the economic performances of countries around the world and our debt rooted economy is hanging in the nation’s coffers.
We have a government that values the virtue of labour where one has to sweat to earn a living.
The three executive arms of government should be scrutinised and serve to achieve their function by the ombudsman commission and held accountable for any mismanagement of any kind.
For many years things deserving of abhorrence have gathered around governments after governments and shattered visions.
It is time Pangu Pati change everything and show a new path and destination set to be reached by the nation.
The scenarios we confront as a nation compounded by the effects of Covid-19 leaves us at a more catastrophic situation.
The nation is aware of the many sacrifice that it has at hand.
It’s not unusual for a government to face criticism and work from there on. Thumbs up for the government’s well-orchestrated strategy for front line response to quarantine and monitor the eight confirmed cases.
Every citizen should adhere to the Covid-19 protocol to avoid any unprecedented situation.
Countries around the world are restarting their economies and we are no exception.
There is no time for shifting blames and politicking.
The Opposition and the Government should work corroboratively and find mechanisms to sustain the nation’s economy.
It’s time we harness the vast untapped agriculture economy and Small to Medium Enterprises to empower our sustainment way from dependency and more inclusive economy that should serve as a catalyst to deliver our economic vows in the face of Covid-19.
Doubtless, true sons of Papua New Guinea are administering the country with vision, patience and perseverance in the face of adversity.
Only time will tell should we stand united in these years of uncertainties, will we expect lasting economic revolution in the not so distance future?
We need a stable coalition government, patience, sacrifice and loyalty for the economic independence and the nations prosperity to come at this time of severe global economic challenges posed by Covid-19.

Simon Kugame,

Kerowagi, Simbu

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