Horizon Oil to develop gas project

National, Normal

The National, Friday 31st May 2013


HORIZON Oil and Talisman has been given the approval to develop the Stanley Gas project in Western province by Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari.

Horizon Oil Ltd is an oil and gas exploration,development and production company with projects in New Zealand, China and Papua New Guinea.

Its assets are under development in the country.

Pundari said one of the conditions for Horizon Oil (Papua) Ltd to develop and implement was a biodiversity offsets programme consistent with applicable regulations and a plan.

“I have given this approval after receiving the recommendation from the Environment Council in accordance with Section 58 of the Environment Act 2000.

“The biodiversity offsets programme is a new initiative to be applied as a permit condition to all new permit holders whose development activities may result in biodiversity loss to our natural environment,” he said.