Hornibrooks NGI helping youths realise their dreams

Lae News, Normal


HORNIBROOKS NGI, one of the largest industrial companies in PNG, has set the stage in promoting and helping youths realise their dreams.
The company each year recruits a maximum of 10 new apprentices including students who undergo work experience training.
Marketing manageress Samadhi Halkett said the company took on six plumbing trainee students from the Malahang Technical Secondary School last year.
They were assigned to the 9-Mile housing project for six weeks and upon graduation in mid-November, three of the trainees were taken on board as permanent employees.
Of the apprentices, five have been attached with the metal fabrication welders, two females with the heavy diesel fitters and two with the building division.
The company had also recently completed the construction of a 36m bridge at its Lae workshop.
This bridge would be diassembled, blasted and painted after which the Department of Works will erect it on site.
The bridge will be transported to Buang in the Bulolo district.
It was organised and paid for at a total cost of K600,000 by Bulolo MP Sam Basil.
Work has also commenced on a second bridge for Mongi  in the Finschhafen district which will also be fabricated for the Department of Works.
The construction of this bridge has been done with the help of the five third year metal fabrication and welders apprentices.
The five apprentices for the metal fabricating division Patrick Mikiki, Nicholas Ben, Leo Lemei and Edmond Haihavu said they had learnt a great deal during their time with Hornibrooks.
Mr Ben said he was grateful to have been selected and accepted by the company.
“I hope I can continue to serve the company after achieving my tradesmanship certificate next year,” he said.
The other apprentices include June Malabag (heavy diesel fitter), Moses Tapi (electrical) and  Joel Loup (building).
The building division of the company was established in 2006.