Horse Camp situation under control

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The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

THE ethnic clash over the weekend between the two highlands groups in the Horse Camp settlement area of Sabama suburb in the nation’s capital has been brought under control.  
National Capital District acting superintendent of operations Jim Namora held an urgent meeting with community leaders from both ethic groups to resolve the matter. 
He said the purpose of the meeting was for the leaders to hold discussions and come up with a solution to
resolve the matter in a more civilised manner.
The ethnic clash broke out over the weekend after two highlands groups failed to reach an understanding over negotiations to settle previous clashes between them. 
Namora said the situation, as of Monday afternoon, remained tense. 
Badili police station commander Bill Warake told The National that both community leaders and Namora met for a meeting late in the afternoon.
He said the area was quite tense but armed men and youths from both sides of the settlement had dispersed allowing public access to the main road that passes through the suburb.
Police personnel were dispatched into the area to provide security  until order was restored. 
Negotiations between the groups and police are still continuing.