Hospital boss denies allegations

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The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

CHIEF executive officer of the Kimbe General Hospital Dr Victor Golpak has denied claims of mismanagement labelled against him by some of his own staff who said they were concerned about the running of the hospital under his management.
In a letter containing list of allegations, the staff claimed that Golpak had misapplied the 25% shift allowance for the nursing officers and had misled the hospital board and used hospital funds to fund overseas trips.
They also accused him of practising nepotism in the appointment of staff and in awarding of contracts without consultations with board members and called on the health authorities to carry out proper investigations into the allegations.
Golpak told The National last week that none of the allegations were true. He added that the accusations were made by disgruntled staff and others who were faced with disciplinary charges.
“I am aware of some of the allegations. I have received a couple of defamatory letters,” Golpak said, adding that some of the staff had not been happy with the changes that he and the board did in recent appointments and were trying to find a way to defame him.
They said Golpak lacked management skills, was incompetent and dictatorial and this had reflected through poor service delivery, including a number of preventable deaths.
They also accused him of letting the staff morale down claiming there was no working dialogue between staff and the management and staff seemed to be working in isolation all the time
A representative from the hospital board said the staff were frustrated because of the 25% allowance which he said the board was trying hard to rectify. He said they met with CEO and have discussed and try to find solutions to the issues affecting the hospital.
Golpak called on the staff to take up their grievances with the Public Accounts Committee and health authorities instead of going to the media.