Hospital controls visitors

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The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013


THE Port Moresby General Hospital will be issuing access cards to patient guardians and visitors from next week. 

Chief executive Grant Muddle said for many years the hospital had been used as a holiday space for people who turned up as visitors and guardians. 

“The hospital facilities have been used and abused and this is causing great strain on the infrastructure, cleaning and infection control measures,” Muddle said. 

“The cards will be issued through the hospital admission department. 

“On admission, patients are issued with two passes, one guardian pass with 24 hours access and one visitor pass allowing access during visiting hours. 

“The pass will have an expiry date and will need to be renewed if the patient’s stay at the hospital is extended.

“When the patient is discharged, both passes must be returned to the admission department and they will be destroyed. 

“Evidence has shown that patients require peace and quiet to recover but with too many people around the hospital, it becomes difficult,” Muddle said. 

“By controlling the number of people, we are able to manage our infrastructure services, ensure better infection control practices and allow our patients a chance of speedy recovery and better health.”