Hospital dilemma


Most patients, upon hearing, “Referral to Port Moresby General Hospital”, think a cure is on its way.
It used to many years ago when we had honest, experienced, humble, hard-working and God-fearing public servants.
When they saw that they couldn’t help, they admitted it, and thought of other possibilities.
If they could, they also admitted it with real concrete facts.
Most surgery results during my time spent at the hospital while caring for my only daughter – diagnosed of brain tumor – were based on theory and assumptions.
As a result of those theories and trials, we end up losing our loved one too early.
At the end of that, we get a reply from the neurosurgeons: “Sorry. We tried but too complicated. Blood ran out.”
Or some other excuses.
Why do they have to pressure patients and guardians to agree to go to the theatre quickly so they will save him/her?
The fault comes back to the neurosurgeons in not assessing all those things needed for the patient’s operation before operation.
At the end, guardians and family members are worried of losing their loved ones while the neurosurgeon doctors are happy maintaining their same old routine of work.
The biggest question is: Are these doctors or practitioners assessed?
I was a guardian at Port Moresby General Hospital for a month looking after my one and only daughter (patient 244939), referred from Manus.
Today I am living in a nightmare everywhere I go or in everything I do.
I can’t forget all those words and scenes that occurred there that led to the death of my daughter.
I try to imagine her being active in doing everything: Talking, eating, joking, playing and reading.
She goes into the operation theatre and comes out in coma from which she never comes out of until her death.
While in coma, Dr Esther Apuahe and another consultant Chinese doctor come up and say: “Is it okay if we push another needle through the side of her nostrils to check for swelling and blood clots and clear it?”
What the …?
You have already caused great damage to my daughter and should have thought of all precautions and done things to avoid it.
Now what? Coming again to create another damage to cover up for your mistakes?
I did not agree with them at all because right from the start, there was chaos under the supervision of the two doctors mentioned.
Right from the start, we experienced CT scan images and medical reports not given to us, even when we asked. Communication with the Chinese was very difficult.
Dr Apuahe was not there most of the time to answer our queries and questions, but sent trainees who couldn’t answer or attend to us.
I was removed from the
theatre room to witness the operation.
They took her in at 12 midnight until 11.30am the next day.
They took her in without letting us know, when I was right there at the front entrance.
Even there were several trainees and the two doctors, no-one ever came out and told us how she was or how she was feeling before the operation.
It is just a total nightmare.
I am appealing to the PNG Medical Board to seriously look into this issue.
A task force must be created to monitor such practices.
Also create a taskforce team to monitor such practices.

Still in nightmare

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