Hospital facing funding crisis

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THE Laloki Public Psychiatric Hospital (LPPH) has stopped admitting new patients due to funding crisis, staff says.
LPPH clinical nursing supervisor Jeffery Alphonse told The National yesterday that the hospital’s essential operation functions such as patient rations, water cart and fuel for vehicles and generator were affected as a result.
He said there were 14 patients (all male) at the hospital after it discharged some based on clinical assessments.
Four of those patients were supposed to be repatriated to their provinces but due to funding constraints, they were still in the hospital, Alphonse said.
He said funds from the Government through the Health Department were yet to be given to the hospital.
January funds were received but they were awaiting clearance from the Finance Department.
Funds for February, March and this month were not yet received.
“The hospital is going through tough economic times,” Alphonse said.
“Despite being a specialist essential service – providing institution, the hospital was left out in the National Covid-19 response support initiatives.”
Alphonse said the hospital had water problems which forced it to close last year and it was relying on carted water which, with the lack of funding, had become a major concern now.
He said wards were under rehabilitation and with the Covid-19 situation, they could not afford to have them crowded.
“Our water project is also on hold due to ban on international flights and vessels since the black tile pipes will come from overseas.
“We are still carting water.
“We hope the Government will see that our material is brought in.
“In the meantime, we badly need water for maintaining hand-washing for patients and staff and the families of staff.
“We as a hospital and an essential service provider need to be considered by the Government to be funded under the Covid-19 funds as well.”


  • Which Government Department is responsible for the up keep of this important facility. Is it the National Department of Health, I gather.

    I hope they have not lost their sanity on this issue. Because just a few couple of months back, they did loose it over their procurement and logistics processes by letting corrupt activities flourish.

  • This is a disgraceful situation where the water problem has been ongoing since atleast 2014 May 20th when it was reported in the media.
    What a way to treat these vulnerable people and those trying to help them. How can the mantra of ‘Wash Wash!’ in this Virus SoE be followed.

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