‘Hospital getting 20 bodies daily’


TWENTY Coronavirus (Covid-19) bodies are passed on to the Goroka Hospital mortuary each day, according to a morgue attendant.
“During the day, five to six dead bodies are brought in from the districts but, at night – midnight, 1am and 2am – 15-16 bodies are brought in every single day,” Jobby Naewa Quinn said.
“People hear and count deaths of prominent people in the province, but think of the many people in settlements, villages and communities dying in districts, there are too many deaths.
“If only we can practice the ‘New Normal’ and stay safe, this will be the only way we can stop the Covid-19 in Eastern Highlands, otherwise, during the day, the lowest (number of) bodies coming in would be five, but in the night, we are seeing 15 or 16 bodies coming in.”
Quinn said people were “just falling down like flies”.
“During nights, bodies are picked up at locations such as Kakaruk market, Masi village, Genoka Block,” he said.
“People shout at them telling them they are lying.
“Just come make your way to the hospital morgue site and see for yourself, you will know if it’s real, sick or a false sick – you will know.”
Quinn said many were saying that the Covid-19 deaths were for big people.
“Relatives and family members of these little people are not claiming their bodies and they are left there for too long,” he said.
“We are trying to see Governor Peter Numu to find land for mass burial of these unclaimed bodies.
“The morgue is full to the brim.
“We need a new morgue.”

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