Hospital head resigns


OUTGOING chief executive officer of the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Kundiawa General Hospital Mathew Kaluvia says he will leave the gates of the hospital with his “head held high and a satisfied man”.
Kaluvia said that last week in front of board members, hospital staff, representatives from the Chimbu government, Health Department and other  partners and stakeholders in Kundiawa while presenting his exit report.
Kaluvia was the acting chief executive officer from 2010 to 2012 and was confirmed as permanent CEO of the hospital in September 2013.
“On the eve of my resignation from the SJNM Kundiawa General Hospital, the Health Department and the public service, it is of paramount importance that as the outgoing head of a public institution, I present a full report of my tenure,” he said.
“I am not afraid to say I can walk out of the gates of this hospital with my head held high, a clear conscience, transparent record and satisfied soul.
“I have no regrets because the hospital has improved greatly from a three-star or level three hospital to a level five or five-star hospital under my leadership as chief executve officer.
“We have achieved some milestones in our clinical services as well as our infrastructure and support service and I will leave as a satisfied man.
“But the only thing is that I will not to see all projects initiated under my tenure come to fruition.”
Kaluvia said of the 24 projects initiated, 12 were completed, five were nearing completion and seven were yet to get off the ground.
“I came to this hospital 16 years ago as a timid, inexperienced West New Britain lad but today, I am proud and it gives me great honour to say that I will go back to as a proud, matured and much experienced Chimbu man.”
His exit report covered the period from as early as 2000 to 2016 and summarised the growth of the hospital in that period.
It included detailed yearly reports of achievements  under his tenure and covered development, achievements clinically, support services and all of the hospital’s public investment programme projects. He also presented a report on the most recently reports of all hospital projects including their financial status.

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