Hospital must serve rural people

Letters, Normal

IT was exciting to read about the proposal to build a state of the art hospital in Central province recently.
At the outset, I am of the view that cancer patients will no longer die in vain, brain tumour patients will be treated onshore thus saving cost, conjoined twins will be separated successfully here, and the Prime Minister will not have to go to Singapore to receive medical attention.
While I wish to see it become a reality, I also would like to see the basic function of the Health Department fulfilled.
I would like to see my Nomane rural health centre and Kiari aid post in the remote Salt-Nomane district in Simbu filled with basic drugs and at least a health worker based there to serve the people.
At the moment, the public health system in the country is an abject failure.
People are dying because there are no basic health services.
I would like to know whether the proposed hospital is for the benefit of the majority of Papua New Guineans or is it just to cater for the rich.
If the Government has a major stake, it must tell the people how it will be linked to the current health system.
If it is the private sector which is proposing this massive project, then the Government must intervene to ensure the needs of the rural people are served.
After all, health is everybody’s business and no one must be denied a service.

Gomla Yal
Port Moresby