Hospital needs attention


I CANNOT understand the extraordinary efforts by the Eastern Highlands (EHP) Governor Peter Numu to destroy the health system of the province.
On May 28, he directed that senior health officials from the Health Department in Port Moresby who were at the airport not to depart for Goroka.
Those officials were to visit the province and conduct the induction for the third National Executive Council appointed EHP health authority board and update the senior management on a number of issues, including the Covid-19 status in the country and inspect hospital facilities.
Controller David Manning had complimented the authority as the first to have a comprehensive report on how the province was preparing for a possible Covid-19 outbreak and that is a credit to the CEO, his management team and staff.
Only support from the provincial government was the K927,000 of the K2.5 million budged and used by the authority to improve facilities in light of an outbreak.
I appeal to the governor to attend to the many problems in the province such as roads to the rural areas.
Governor, if you care for the health of your people, please help the EHP health authority achieve this on your behalf.

Mal Smith-Kela,
Chairman of EHPHA board

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  • I think he is doing fine in other sectors but like what Mal Smith said, our Governor should be more focused on improving our health system in the Province.

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