Hospital needs reform: Doctor

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 NONGA Base Hospital in East New Britain has not undergone a proper restructure of positions in the past five years, chief executive officer Dr Ako Yap says.

He said the majority of its staff were unconfirmed in their posts, resulting in poor commitment to providing health services.

Yap, who recently signed a three-year contract, said the issue had been raised with the Department of Personnel Management. 

They are waiting for secretary John Kali to give them the green light to advertise the positions.

“Priority will go to the staff on the ground who have persevered over the years in the positions on an unattached basis,” Yap said.

“Whatever is left will be given to applicants from around the country.”

He said there were 350 positions available at the hospital.

Yap, an eye specialist by profession, said there were nine medical specialist doctors at the hospital. There are surgeons, two for adult medicine, one paediatrician, one obstetrics-gynaecologist, one dental specialist and one anaesthetist. Yap is the only eye specialist.

The hospital has been without a CEO for five years after the position was left vacant by the late Cornelius Kalimet. Dr John Maku had been acting in the position.

Yap said before 2010, there was no proper hospital board in place. 

Board members were elected in 2010, and their term expires on Nov 19.