Hospital sets up cafeteria to raise funds

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

THE Vanimo Hospital in West Sepik is generating its own income to buy equipment by operating a cafeteria.
The cafeteria has been operating for a few
months through the initiative of the board and management.
New equipment, which cost around K12,000,
has been purchased from the cafeteria’s takings
of almost K30,000 generated at the end of September.
Vanimo Hospital’s chief executive officer
Elias Kapavore said the hospital had purchased, among other things, a machine that tested
“It is an important machine that makes the diagnosis of blood easy and assists doctors,” Kapavore
He said the hospital cafeteria was opened to all members of the public.
He encouraged people to invest in it because money spent there would be used in the long run to serve their health interests.
Kapavore said the hospital was also given three fetal heart monitors by the Kenhurst Rotarians of Australia.
The fetal heart monitor watches the heart beat rate of an infant during delivery.
The equipment gives doctors insight as to what to
do in relation to the breathing progress of the infant.
Kapavore said previously manual equipment had been used, but there were times when they could not save the lives of the infants.
He said with the new equipment the infant mortality rate had reduced.