Hospital staff slam CEO’s appointment

Momase, Normal

By Jayne Safihao

The Modilon General Hospital staff and their lawyer hope to end their standoff with the hospital management by seeking procedural proof of the current chief executive officer’s appointment tendered in court.
They claimed that the government and its appointing authorities had breached the general orders of the Regulatory Statutory Authorities (Appointment to certain offices) Act 2004.
Last Friday, counsel representing the staff, Young Wadau, filed a statement naming the prime minister as the first defendant, Health Minister Sasa Zibe, public service commissioner Rawali Lua, secretary for personnel management John Kali, health secretary Dr Clement Malau, hospital board chairman Fr Jan Czuba and Christine Gawi and the state as the other following defendants.
The hospital’s long outstanding management issues from far back as four years, has been a slap in the face, angering the staff who then staged a sit in protest in September.
Judge David Cunnings has ordered that, in the meantime, both parties should seek to sort out their differences through constant dialogue but that has failed.