Hospital’s ancillary staff receive uniforms


FORTY-ONE hygiene and facility staff of the Goroka Provincial Hospital received new uniforms from the Eastern Highlands health authority (EHPHA) recently.
Hospital manager Dr Michael Dokup, when receiving the uniforms, said the identity of the organisation was important and thanked the management of EHPHA and its standards unit.
Dr Dokup said this was the second batch of uniforms supplied – the first was distributed in 2015.
He urged the staff to wear the
uniforms during working hours only.
However, he pointed out that the supply was incomplete as other safety items including gloves, face masks, aprons and goggles needed to be supplied along with the uniforms so that the staff could be fully equipped and attired.
“As the manager of the hospital, I am overwhelmed that you have been supplied two pairs of uniforms and a pair of safety boots each, because the hospital sees that you are also part and parcel of it and play a significant role in the hospital,” he said.
“When you are in the uniforms, you will perform your duties with pride and be appreciated by the very people that you serve, especially the patients of the hospital.”
Dr Dokup also suggested that the health workers and office staff of the Eastern Highlands health authority head office needed
to be provided with uniforms as well.