Hospitals, clinics to start Covid-19 testing in nation’s capital


FROM Monday, 32 hospitals, clinics and health centres in the National Capital District will begin Covid-19 testing, an official says.
National Operation Centre incident manager Dr Esorom Doani told The National that the only place used for testing now was the Rita Flynn medical facility.
People with flu-like symptoms have to call the hotline number 1800 200 or the St Johns Ambulance on 111 for assistance.
“We do have some clinics carrying out testing. Some have the capacity and some don’t.
“So once we have everything set up, we will set up the 32 health facilities to carry out testing,” he said.
“It’s free of charge.
“And we encourage citizens to get tested. We hope to test about 10, 000 people in the next two weeks.”
Doani said the call centre was operational from 8am to 5pm and citizens could also call St Johns after hours if they needed assistance.
“But by tomorrow (today), the call centre should be fully operational and will be taking calls 24 hours.”
Meanwhile, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported yesterday that Australia will send eight specialists to help fight the Covid-19 in PNG.