Hotel displays heart to lift people’s spirit

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WHEN the clock strikes 6 at evening, the Stanley Hotel and Suites sends out a message to PNG: Have heart and stay strong.
The message is difficult to miss as it lights up in the shape of a large heart over the front of the five-star hotel.
The hotel achieved this by switching on the lights of certain units of the 400-plus rooms.
The hotel’s general manager, Geoff Haigh said it represented its connection with PNG, especially those whose lives had been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic.
Like others in the hospitality industry, the hotel has laid off more than half its staff.
Haigh said: “The hotel’s occupancy levels are very low, but will remain open.
“We have exercised all efforts to reduce our overheads as much as possible with as little impact on our remaining guests.
“We still employ over 240 local staff, all of which are living onsite at the hotel, where we provide accommodation and meals free of charge.
“This was done to ensure their accessibility to get to work, their safety and as a means for us to defer transport costs for the time being.
“This has worked out very well for the staff and the hotel.”

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