House burnt by drunk

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FOUR families were homeless after their house was burnt down with everything they have by some drunken youths in a settlement beside the Waigani Arts Centre in Port Moresby last Friday.
Simon Mane, the owner of the house, said he was trying to prepare dinner for his family that evening when the youths armed with bushknives approached him and chased him and his family away and set his house alight.
Mr Mane, a father of two from Simbu, said he was not aware that his son had earlier been involved in a drunken brawl and in retaliation of his son’s involvement his house was set alight.
According to Mr Mane, the four families living in that house were all from Saltnomane, Karamui district, Simbu province, and were all unemployed but made their living through selling goods.
He said the house along with personal items and valuables lost in the fire cost around K60,000.
Mr Mane jointly with his brother in law Nohamadixxie Yawala, an NCDC inspector, is pleading for assistance in cash or kind from business houses and ordinary Papua New Guineans.
Those wishing to assist Mr Mane and the families can do so by pledging donations to Bank South Pacific, Port Moresby branch, account name: Nohamadixxie Yawala, account number: 1000543809 or telephone 323 1921, 324 0700 or 7253 2776.