Households affected by flood

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Youths from Gabnaron village in Zifasing, Huon Gulf, Morobe, digging drains to divert flood waters from the Rumu River on Friday.

MORE 200 households in Gabnaron and Zifasing villages as well as essential services such as health, education and law and order in Huon Gulf, Morobe, have been affected by the flooding Rumu River.
The river flooded last week sending water and sediment into food gardens and also affecting structures such as homes, school buildings and offices.
Locals said the river had been flooding over the last three months.
The community’s health and hygiene has also been affected by a lack of access to clean drinking water and food shortages.
Zifasing Primary School deputy head teacher Rifi Meyab and youths from Gabnaron, led by Barnabas Topoqogo, diverted flood waters away and out of gardens by digging drains on Friday after the flood waters subsided.
Meyab said three months of flooding had affected elementary classrooms, police station and aid posts, as well as nearby gardens which public servants and their families relied on. He said the villagers took action to protect their gardens which was a major source of their food. Women leader Josephine Noel said women and children were the ones greatly affected.

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  • Well done fellow citizens. “Let not what the country can do for you but what you can do for yourself” (JFKennedy, USA President)

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