Housing has no money for projects


Housing and Urbanisation Minister John Kaupa says the Government does not have a budget to initiate housing projects for public servants around the country.
Kaupa was responding to questions from Chimbu Governor Michael Dua regarding the government’s plans to build houses for public servants including his province which had been planned since 2015.
“The management of National Housing Corporation (NHC) is now looking at all the incomplete housing projects that were initiated in 2014 and 2015 for public servants,” Kaupa said.
He said the NHC had begun the project but needed money.
“Our current management is now looking at the incomplete projects, including Chimbu, Nadzap, Minz, Goroka and Wewak to address those issues,” Kaupa said.
“All these projects are incomplete and we need to build houses for the public servants but currently we do not have funding.”
He said the management was reviewing the projects and would make a submission to the National Executive Council to secure more funding to complete the projects in all the provinces.
“We are working at it. The team is making a submission that is already in progress to consider the incomplete projects in the provinces. The NHC is negotiating with all the provincial governments to release all these properties. We have started with Gulf and East Sepik.”

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