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THIS is an open letter to the Minister for Housing and Urbanisation, Justin Tkatchenko, demanding that he immediately investigate and address these concerns before his organisation goes to the crocodiles at Waigani swamps!
The issues is the transfer of leasehold titles to the current occupying tenants, whom have spent their whole lives contributing to nation building and to whom had participated in the various government’s housing ownership sales schemes!
As the former Lands and Physical Planning Minister, the now Housing Minister should by now be familiar with these two chaotic government institutions, whom are synonymous with grand scale corruption and malpractices, in as far as these government’s housing sales schemes are concerned.
Why should these two chaotic government institutions be holding the sitting tenants at ransom for years and years without their leasehold titles being issued to them after they had fully complied with the necessary requirements in acquiring the properties they are occupying?
Most of the tenants here have duly paid off their debts towards any outstanding rentals as well as paying off the market value of the property, and yet are unable to get their title deeds, because either the NHC do not have them, or the Lands Department have yet to register them and issue them to NHC!
But minister for housing, why is it taking so many years for the tenants to obtain their titles from the NHC? Does it take more than twenty years for such conveyance processes to be finalised? Or is there anything wrong with the conveyance guidelines and processes that are so difficult to implement within NHC, 20 years on down the lane?
Such delays is really causing distress and anxiety for the tenants whom had strived and paid off their mortgages expecting to enjoy themselves in retirement with their home ownership houses.
It is also very saddening that many of these tenants in waiting had passed on without evidencing the fruit of their sweat and hard work.
And to anyone’s amazement, delays as such had already resulted in a number of such properties being repossessed fraudulently by corrupt NHC officials, from the waiting occupying tenants, and reallocated to persons who are not entitled at all to these houses or properties.
Finally, minister, I regret being harsh on my points above, but the situation in which I believe you will agree, has taken too long a period to have been addressed many years ago for the tenants to have obtained their titles.
In this respect I humbly request that you please instruct the newly established NHC Board and the management to swiftly address these concerns.
Regrettably I have chosen to use the media as I cannot locate your organisation’s email address.

Lorenitz Gaius
Ketskets village

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