Housing officers suspended for evicting tenants in Lae


OFFICERS from the National Housing Corporation in Lae who evicted families from their homes have all been suspended, says Housing and Urbanisation Minister John Kaupa.
Kaupa said all families who were evicted are now back in their homes and the officers who evicted them have been suspended.
“The officers said that they evicted the families due to outstanding bills,” he said.
“However, there are procedures to follow and the officers failed to follow through with the proper process, and were given their notice of suspension yesterday.”
Kaupa said a team from the NHC was currently looking into the issue and are working to rectify the illegal evictions.
He clarified that the case in Port Moresby was an isolated one and not related to the “illegal” evictions.
“The case in Port Moresby is complicated. The house was sold by someone in NHC to an Asian,” he said.
“We are currently looking into the issue, but at the moment there is a court order in place so I cannot comment on it much accept that it is an isolated
case and not related to the illegal evictions.”