Housing woes


CAN the Housing minister confirm to us the public who are currently occupying the National Housing Corporation properties and who we are going to pay the rental bill to?
Some of us are doing salary deductions to the property which we are currently residing in to the NHC.
Then again there’s NHEL (National Housing Estate Ltd), who are sending their staff out to do deliveries of invoices to each of us the tenants of these properties.
We are now paying double rental bills to each of this organisation’s for the same property we are occupying.
NHEL’s bill is higher than that of NHC and with the fee they’re charging, it is not worth the state of these properties as they’re in a worse state.
Even though renovations are being done by ourselves with our own money, the houses are still not in a good condition.
Who is the legitimate organisation we should be paying the rental bills to?
Please clarify this as we are double paying for the same run down property.

Legal tenant

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