How are complaints prioritised?


I am wondering how officers at the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations prioritise complaints lodged regarding unfair treatment of employees.
Every now and then employees are being abused, assaulted, underpaid, have their contracts breached, suffer accidents during working hours, get a pay cut, are not paid finish entitlements, are not contributing to a superannuation fund or are wrongfully suspended or terminated by their supervisors or employers.
The aggrieved employees know that there is a Government department which has the responsibility of hearing.
This department is supposed to recommend a best solution to the issue based on what’s presented before them from both parties.
Upon employees lodging the case with Labour Department, after a month, the client is now asked by the labour officer to follow up after a week or two for a letter to be signed to serve to respective employers.
This brings us to the question: What is really the work of the Labour Department?
Are they purposely to help the PNG labour force?
Are they setup to collect 10 per cent  from clients before they do their work?
Do workers in the department know their work?
I am confused and am sure that there are more silent clients out there who are facing similar problems.
I see new clients coming after me being already served and I wonder what criteria they follow.
Is it a criteria of 10 per cent?
Is it a criteria of being well dressed?
I lodged my complaint with Labour in June 2016 about my employer.
I am still being told to follow  up.