How is protesting destroying UPNG?


MEDIA personnel were attacked by some University of PNG (UPNG) male students yesterday.  The reason being they (male students) don’t want the media to cover a protest that UPNG female students had staged after a number of them were harassed. The male students’ argument was that they didn’t want the university’s reputation to be tarnished. I don’t see any logic in that argument.  So you’re saying that standing up against harassment is bad for the university but the act of harassment itself isn’t? Are you saying that female students rightfully protesting an issue about their safety tarnishes the university’s reputation and the drunk male students’ actions don’t? How does a university that is said to be to top one in the country entertain such thinking? I understand and respect the fact that there are many decent male students out there, but what I don’t get is the response to their female counterparts’ plight. How is it right that male students can enjoy the freedom of moving around freely while female students cannot? Something is definitely wrong with these students’ thinking.  I have great hope for this country to be prosperous but seeing such actions from the so-called intellects is very discouraging. What is wrong with them? To make things worse, they attacked media personnel at the very arena that was once walked on by some of our greatest thinkers. On behalf of the decent men and boys who believe in women and girls being treated fairly, I apologise to those female students who were harassed. You have our support. The UPNG council should do something about this sick attitude now.

Former UPNG Student