How the fight in Gordon started

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

I WOULD like to tell the people how the ethnic fight that claimed five innocent lives started.
I was there when it started.
While I strongly condemn the brutal and barbaric way of killing innocent lives, I would also like to convey my condolences to the family and relatives of those who died.
It all started from a mobile phone. 
A lone Papuan woman wanted to top up her phone from man from Wabag central.
Whilst waiting for the top-up, a Tari man who was drunk came and punched the woman and snatched her mobile.
In response, the Engan man fought back and managed to retrieve the phone and return it to the woman.
The Tari man went off and told his friends who were playing darts and drinking a short distance away that he was attacked by the Engan.
In retaliation, the Tari men, armed with bush knives, started attacking innocent Engan men, women and children.
However, the police unit from McGregor Barracks came and saved many of the Engans.
Despite the presence of the police personnel, the Taris chased away the Engans as they outnumbered the policemen.
For about 20 minutes, police fired teargas to stop the Taris from throwing stones at them.
In the melee, some Taris sighted a lone Engan man who was manning the Gordons Bakery and started slashing him.
In his defence, the Engan took out a bush knife and managed to slash three of his attackers.
The situation was frightening.
I appeal to the NCD governor to separate the Taris from the Engans at the Gordon’s market.
We are sick and tired of these people.
The best solution is to relocate both tribes so that other people can trade, do their marketing and shopping in peace.
It is a shame these two Hela brothers are fighting each other.
I urge both sides to hand over the main suspects to the police and reconcile as soon as possible.
You have brought shame to many law abiding Helas around the country and Hela leaders.


A true Hela man
Port Moresby