How to achieve goals

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IT needs more than a new name, new logo and new corporate strategic plan for PNG Ports Corporation to achieve its vision of becoming the premier maritime service provider in PNG.
But this change must also be in the individuals who make the decisions and implement them.
Board chairman of PNGPCL Dr Ila Temu pointed this out to senior executives and port managers during the start of a three-day port managers’ conference in Port Moresby last week.
This was the second annual conference for PPCL’s port managers’ after the restructure of the organisation to become a corporate entity in 2007.
Dr Temu said that this year’s conference with the theme, ‘Managing change’, was indeed timely and was an opportunity to talk about change and how it could be managed to ensure the corporation achieved its stated goals and objectives.
He said this change had been embraced and mandated by chief executive officer, Brian Riches, since his recruitment into the organisation two years ago.
Dr Temu said  this role had helped guide the board in redefining PNGPCL’s vision.
“This vision is a very simple but powerful statement of who we are and where we want to be,”  he said.