Huawei starts programme to boost digital development


Huawei Technologies (PNG) Pvt Ltd launched its ICT Talent Programme yesterday to contribute to the digital development of the country.
Communication and Information Technology and Energy secretary Flierl Shongol said Papua New Guinea was at the crossroads “as we transition from traditional society to a modern economy; an economy that is driven by digital technologies”.
“This transition will not be an easy task,” he said.
“It is one that all must accept and embrace so that we can prosper and participate in global markets.
“From this we should see industry development, job growth and an improvement in personal wealth and living standards. That’s our primary aim.”
Flierl said Huawei was rising to respond to the calls of this mission and investing in talent training programmes to support the digital future.
“The Huawei PNG ICT Talent Program is one of our many endeavors in contributing to the community,” he said.
“It is an inclusive initiative which encompasses ICT Academy, ICT Scholarship and ICT Training Centre programme.
“The ICT Academy, in cooperation with Papua New Guinea University of Technology will be equipped with real information and communication technology products donated by Huawei and corresponding course module.
“Excellent students in information and telecommunications majors will identified by NICTA and rewarded with part of the US$30,000 (K100, 000) scholarship donated by Huawei.
“Qualified college students will be given internship opportunities in companies including Telikom PNG, bmobile, DataCo, Digicel and Huawei to practice their skills and know-how.
“Apart from that, beginner engineers and ICT practitioners will be able to attend lectures and seminars for up-to-date industry trends and knowledge through the Huawei ICT Training Centre programme.”