Humphreys backs Dion

Islands, Normal


WEST New Britain Governor Peter Humphreys has come out strongly in support of his colleague East New Britain Governor Leo Dion’s stand on governance within the region.
“I am also concerned that major and minor projects between East and West New Britain province have been approved by the Department of National Planning without proper tenders to companies and individuals who have not displayed the ability or capacity to complete projects,” he said.
It is understood two main projects in WNB, the Kandrian health centre and Kimbe General Hospital, are being challenged in court by the WNB provincial government.
Mr Humphreys said the governor had the responsibility to ensure funding from the National Government was properly tendered.
Similarly, he said, it was the duty of provincial administrators and heads of relevant provincial department to have input and information on contracts to ensure that projects and their funding were properly monitored.
“The direct funding of projects and awarding of contracts in WNB without provincial input or consultation are both questionable and alarming.
“The province would, if necessary, pursue disclosure and transparency through the courts to ensure the people of WNB get full value from the funding,” he said.
On the NGI National Alliance leadership, Mr Humphreys said: “That’s a matter for the NGI parliamentary wing to resolve and the NA branch in Kimbe on Jan 12 had supported this position.”
NA provincial chairman Isidor Teli said the party branch in WNB unanimously resolved to condemn the serious allegations raised by the party’s parliamentary wing in the region against the current deputy leader, Pomio MP and National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten on Jan 6.
The party branch had stood by the region’s parliamentary wing in its move and final decision to remove Mr Tiensten.