Humps too big


WHY are there huge humps along the Sogeri Road from 9-Mile to 12-Mile in the National Capital District?
I understand that before construction commences, a survey is conducted and the number of vehicles and types of vehicles that use the road are tallied so as to determine the correct pavement to construct.
Unfortunately, the stretch of road from IBS to Koiari Park Secondary School, 12-Mile, has the biggest humps.
How were these huge humps created without taking all these small cars into consideration??
Was the survey not conducted?
It is very frustrating that every time I travel with my family, the bottom of our car always scrapes on the hump.
Mind you, there are eight humps.
My car scrapes the bottom 16 times a day when I travel to work in the morning and back in the evening.
My car, Toyota Vios, sits a little higher than many other cars in the area. My in-law, who is an experienced surveyor and has worked on many civil engineering projects was confused when he first saw the humps.
His exact words were: “There’s just no need for humps. The dirt road will help slow vehicles down.”
Please remove all the humps or bring them down to a reasonable size to allow for small cars to travel better.

Jerry White,
Frustrated Driver