We need old heads
THREE quarters of the players need to be experienced ones because they have been there and know how to perform. Back to you coach Marum.

Port Moresby

Dumped Hunters are a disgrace
THOSE ex-hunters players whose contracts were torn up on disciplinary grounds are a disgrace.
Most of them were repeat offenders, as they were cautioned on the first instances and warned of the consequences.
It is appalling and frustrating that they were given second chances but they just threw away an opportunity, which could have led them to further their rugby league careers overseas.
As a rugby league fan from the Highlands, I am really disappointed with those ex-Hunters from the Highlands.
These guys could not swallow their pride for once and allow their game to do their talking.
Opportunity comes once, but if luck comes their way again, let’s hope they can rewrite their own history.
To those current Hunters players in the squad, continue to strive to become a better person and rugby league player. It will pay off one day, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

Hunters Tok Stret,
Benny Pawa

Stop fighting, grow up
CAN the PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum start warning his players not to run from a distance to fight with the opponents?
Is it a street fight or a rugby league field?
What an embarrassment displayed by some Hunters players against visiting team from Brisbane in our last home game.
The referee warned the players a couple of times not to run from a distance when there’s scuffle between players.
Intrust Cup competition is a second tier competition to the NRL and Hunters players must show some professionalism in the game.
Stop the mentality of fighting. This is not the Digicel Cup or a village game.
If call or game is going against them, the Hunters should accept it and play hard instead of getting aggressive.
Stop throwing punches when losing. Coach Marum please lecture them to learn how to accept defeat.
The opposing team will laugh at our players, but most importantly it is degrading the reputation of our country so grow up to. Stop being childish.
Play professional football by displaying your skills and not your little muscles.
Preserve your fighting skills for a boxing ring or a cage and not the rugby field. The rugby field is for true rugby players.

Nick Tyson Bota,
Port Moresby