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PLAYING at the Qld Intrust Super Cup Level, warrants players to demonstrate high standards on the field consistently, which directly affects team confidence.
I have watched the Hunters and Burleigh Bears and have seen some older and experienced players making basic errors, which would have changed the momentum of the game when the Bears were leading by just eight points in the first half.
Referee error is something that needs to be addressed by the Hunters’ management.
The Qld-based referee failed to rule a knock-on against the Bears Jamal Fogerty, which did change the momentum of the game in the first half.
It is about time a “video referee” gets involved as many referees have made costly errors against the Hunters in the past here at the NFS.
This is one area the Hunters’ management can request the Qld Rugby League board to improve the standard of refereeing at Hunters’ home games.
Despite the losing 24-6 to the Bears, the Hunters forward pack stood tall and matched the opposition forward, led by the Kumul prop Luke Page.
The return of David Loko had some positive impact on the team on the field.
He was effective with his hit ups and made three crunching tackles on opposition players which dislodged balls and turning over possession to the Hunters.
His impact truly lifted the confidence around the team.
Gary Lo’s inclusion was another confidence booster.
His strong runs, tackle busts and fending of tacklers did lifted team’s confidence as well.
Gary demonstrated he has the skills and experience of a top elite level winger when he scored the only try for the Hunters.
The inclusion of Lo, Loko and Willie Minoga were a brave and bold decisions by the coaching staff.
However, the halves and the hooker combinations have let the team down again with missed opportunities.
With few more games remaining, the search for the halves combination remains unresolved.
Justin Yoka needed more game time to develop his game management, defence and combination.
The more games he plays, his confidence will grow.
The return of old and experience campaigners such as Loko, Lo and Minoga will help him become a better player.
I reckon, Terry Wapi is a potential five eight in waiting despite being a standout fullback.
Terry is fast, robust and is not afraid of taking on the defensive line, which the current halves lacks.
He has shown some glimpse of his kicking and quick passing skills in the past, which will make him become a quality utility player.
A running five-eight is more dangerous than one who is doing less running and more passing.

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