• These has to be considered during any selection, though many leave Hunters but yet return to Hunters if removed by these English super League clubs.. Salute Lo for his selection once again.

  • Exporting our Rugby League players was the main objective behind this Hunters program.
    The players must understand that they are our ambassadors to this club and country they’re playing in.
    Positive attitude and discipline is of utmost importance here.

  • Needs to learn from his mistakes. Reckon he has only a few good years left in his football career. Otherwise so much talent is just wasted.

  • This means spots have opened up for more league talents to make their claim on the Hunters jersey. Its good that our players are seeking greener pastures overseas.

  • That’s how its supposed to be….get to intercity-get into the Hunters team – get a contract with international clubs and make your name, earn big bucks, become a professional, make PNG proud…Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Good luck to the guys.

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