Hunters selection criticised


Some players that Hunters coach Michael Marum has picked are too short. There are players with size and height in the Digicel Cup competition and the coach should consider them.
Marum should be strict and drop players who do not perform to expectations.
The writing is on the wall.
Why keep the players who are not performing?
If the coach is not doing his job and the Hunters continue to lose, then the PNG Rugby Football League board should consider sacking him.
That will also serve as a warning to future coaches.
The PNG Rugby Football League board should warn the coach if there is no improvement.
Furthermore, the coach should not recruit players direct from the divisions, like Southern or Northern. Let the players gain Digicel Cup experience first.
The Hunters management should have given a better offer to Hunters players playing overseas instead of just letting them go.
Rugby league is about offering better deals.

Hunters Fun
Nick Tyson – POM