Hunters tickets too expensive


THE cost of bringing the Hunters and Devils game to Lae will be borne by the general public who love the sport of rugby league.
However, the poor fans are the ones who will be digging deep into their pockets to pay for the fixture.
The K50 flat fee for all age groups is outrageous and an insult and injustice to the people of Lae and those who will be travelling in from the Highlands and Madang.
The children, at least, should be paying less.
Sport builds peace, unity and strengthens relationships among peoples and this should be our priority.
Of course, it costs money to organise an event like this, but the costs should not be solely met by the ordinary people – in this case the fans who love rugby league.
It is estimated that more than 6000 people – men, women and children – will attend. That’s a whooping K300,000 in admissions alone.
Unfortunately, not all who pay K50 will enjoy the comfort of having a good seat because the facilities at the ground won’t allow it, and certainly not worth K50.
Many people who wish to watch this Hunters game won’t be able to because the ticket has been priced well beyond their reach.

John Greg
12 Mile, Lae, MP

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