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Hello to all our rugby league fans and supporters! Welcome to the second edition of “Coach’s Corner” with our official newspaper The National.
Last Sunday, we saw glimpses of the potential our team has. We lost by two points. The boys learned many lessons. The ability to step up against a quality side was evident. They scored, we scored. We can match any side in the competition. It was just the little things that let us down. There is room for improvement and I assure you all we will be working hard to correct them.
Our values in camp and both on and off the field are – Sacrifice, Respect, Accountability and Team Work. We instil these values in every player and staff member.
Players and staff who don’t apply these values especially off the field are dealt with. The coaching staff and I demonstrate these values to every player. And we expect the same in return. Players who don’t tell us where they go to or what they are up to without our knowledge are held accountable for their actions. They show no respect, no sacrifice and no team work. They let their families, supporters, the country but most importantly themselves down.
Every Thursday evenings, the team has devotion and fellowship in camp. Last Thursday we had NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Government Ministers Justin Tkatchenko and John Kaupa join us. They shared with the team that being a Hunter was an honour and privilege to be involved with which must be valued at all times. We really appreciate and value their visit. Thank you. Those who wish to join us during these Thursday fellowships in camp are most welcome to do so. Just send an email to the address below and we will get back to you.
Last week I mentioned that I would nurture these boys to become better rugby league players and great men of PNG. This will be done.
Well done to Nixon Putt with the Norths Devils now, who played his 50th Intrust Super Cup game last weekend and scored a try.
Edene Gabbie is raising eyebrows in Brisbane with Wynnum Manly. The values and hard work learned at the Hunters is showing. Along with Rhadley Brawa and Edwin Ipape, we are in contact every week on areas in their game, statistics and generally life that they need assistance and support in. I value and respect this contact and am always available for them.
Congratulations to Lachlan Lam on his debut for the Sydney Roosters last week. Lachlan was in the Roosters U20s when he was picked to play for PNG at the 2017 World Cup and showed his class. We’re all proud of you.
Canterbury Bulldogs Rhyse Martin’s encouraging words in the papers to work hard on his own game and get into the top side is a lesson to all rugby league players including those at Digicel Cup and Hunters level and I believe, every athlete, to learn from. It all starts with yourself and your values.
We welcome back Ase Boas. He brings added value both on and off the field to the team. The coaching staff and I had no hesitation including him in the side to play this weekend.
William Mone makes way for Ase while Woods Kawage replaces Nick Hasu on the bench. William and Nick have to bring up their games to benefit the team and have areas in their game to work on. We have four debutants — Shane Haro, Kevin Appo, Epel Kapinias and Woods Kawage — playing on Saturday against the competition leaders after three rounds and last year’s premiership runners-up Easts Tigers.
Our record against the Tigers sis: 3 wins at home, 3 losses (2 away and 1 at home) and 1 draw (away).
Finally, the team and I acknowledge and appreciated the presence of Pangia RL president Jim Waki to watch his local product Justin Yoka in his debut game. Justin did not let him down plus the many thousands glued to the TV screen in Pangia and those who attended the game. Jim was really happy and the only way Justin can go is up.
Let me know your thoughts and constructive views as well as any questions you may have by emailing to: [email protected]; they will be published in Tuesday’s paper.
Until next week, play safe, play fair and play hard.
We value and appreciate your support.

Cheers Mikez

One thought on “Hunters’ values key to success

  • That is a well written article. It covers all aspects that are of importance to Hunters so far this season. We value your time in taking the time off your busy schedule to keep the followers updated regularly.
    Michael, thanks for your continued commitment to Hunters, Rugby League in general and to the nation.
    Be assured of PNG’s continued support for you and the team.
    The email address is noted. Good Luck this weekend.

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